Visual Semantics

Providing real-time intelligence to mobile devices

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Transforming Mobile Security

Our cloud-connected, mobile technology re-invents body cameras for police officers, TSA and FBI agents, and first responders, transforming them from video evidence recorders to intelligent devices that perform face detection and real-time, cloud-based threat analysis.


Augmented Reality Vertical

Our platform enables a new kind of AR/VR immersion that couples computer vision and machine learning to provide AR and VR users with "full-scene" understanding and behavior prediction of people and objects in the scene. We believe this capability will open the door to significant advances in the AR/VR experience, and in turn, lead to an exponential increase in user adoption and financial returns.


SaaS Delivery of Predictive Intelligence

Visual Semantics gives users the ability to react more quickly to unexpected events around them. It also enables users to plan and execute complex actions that leverage super-human predictive intelligence.

Visual Semantics creates software that serves both defense- and consumer-focused Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) hardware and software companies.
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